Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Chickens and Eggs

So I actually live on a chicken farm.  My husband loves poultry and raises show quality birds.  We have many rare breeds that roam our 2 acres and free range in our fields.  They are fun pets, and we enjoy hatching new chicks, naming them, raising them and then breeding them.  We get up to 4 dozen eggs every day!  With so many birds and eggs around here, it was just destiny that I had to create a chicken unit!  Sarah, my sister, helped me draw up some crafts and clip art and I took my camera and got some real shots and put together this fun packet:

Here is the link:   Chickens and Eggs Packet

 This is one of the crafts in this unit.  It is a simple cut and paste craft that kids really enjoy putting together and seeing the hatching chicks as they lift the flap.

Here are a few of the work pages I put together using pictures of my actual chickens!

Some of the cards and work pages in this unit can also be found in our Farm Unit.  I added them here to because they went so well.  Here is a link to our Farm Unit if you want to look at it:  Farm Unit

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