Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Forest Themed Crafts and Learning Resources

This is a wonderful packet we just put together for the Summer of 2014!  The animals were hand drawn and then turned into some fun crafts.  This packet is just the Furry Forest Animals- 8 cute critters including Raccoon, Skunk, Fox, Porcupine, Rabbits, Possums, Beavers and Badgers.

Two packets are available.  One is geared for Pre-K and Kindergarten with cute cards in similar fashion to our Farm Unit.  The second packet is geared for 1st and 2nd grade with fun sentence mazes and research paper printable.  I hope to post even another unit soon that will have some of the larger and smaller forest critters, but until then- enjoy these furry creations!

Here is the Link:

Pre-K Forest Unit

Here is a view of some of the templates and cards you can download:  The Unit includes all letters of the alphabet and number counting cards 1-12.

Here is another Link:

Forest Unit and Early Research

This unit has all the crafts plus more advanced work-pages for your young learners.  I included a sentence maze for every animal, plus a fact page and easy research writing papers.

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