Tuesday, March 26, 2013

A Whole Farm Unit!

  Staying at home with my 3 little girls has been huge blessing.  Yet I often really miss teaching.  Recently a friend of mine asked me for some "Spring themed" materials for her Pre-K classroom.  I gladly put this packet together for her and included many cute animal crafts as well. My sister: Sarah Trefethen, a newly wed and Graphic Designer, was a great help and drew up many of the crafts and designs.
You can download the whole unit at this link:

Farm Animal Crafts, Literacy and Learning

We made the unit align with common core for Pre-K and Kindergarten Math and Literacy requirements while also introducing some things like counting by dozens (eggs), in very simple ways.

Here are some of the crafts:

One of the favorite crafts is the Mother Hen pictured below. The template comes with 6 cute chicks that are slightly different that all hide under the mother's wing.  The wing lifts up to reveal the chicks.  It is a simple flap craft!
Here are the work-pages we also included.