Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Just Bats!

Here is a glimpse of my BATTY Halloween package.  I focused on 3 real types of bats: Vampire, Little Brown Bats, and the Fruit Bat- or Flying Fox.  The package has crafts, ABC and number printables, fact pages and a bunch of worksheets that are engaging and visual for littler learners.  50 pages included!

To Download this package just click here:  

                              JUST BATS!

Alphabet cards A-Z and Numbers 1-30 are included on this bat template plus a page of blank bats.

Flying Fox Template also provided as a foldable wing craft in black and white.
These are just a few of the workpages included in the package

More Bat Crafts Included:  This one actually flutters its wings if you string it up.  So Fun!

Thanks for flying by!

Here is the link again:  JUST BATS

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